Woobs Care



Was that just you accidentally sitting on your brand new sunglasses? Or perhaps your dog decided to chew on your new watch? What if you could replace the damaged product with a new one?


So that you would be able to enjoy your new Woobs product(s) to the fullest without worries, please be sure to purchase the Woobs Care –insurance. Woobs Care compensates for damages that are not included in the regular product guarantee. Primarily, we replace the damaged product with a new one. The regular one-year product guarantee compensates only for possible manufacturing defects. Woobs Care covers all possible damages directed to the product (except deliberately caused damage). The insurance does not, however, cover lost or stolen products.


Woobs Care covers the following:

 - Damage caused by dropping a product

- Damage caused by sitting on a product 

- Damage caused within falling

- Damage caused by being chewed on by your pet

- Damage that has occurred after being kept in a bag, purse or backpack

- Scratched lenses


    Woobs Care is 24,90 e /year.

    The insurance can be purchased while purchasing our product. Please have in mind, that the insurance is specific to a certain product, so be sure to buy a separate insurance for each purchased item.


    The excess is always 24,90 e, for which you will be compensated for with a new product. We reserve the right to compensate a damaged product with an item of the same price range that may not be the same as the initially purchased item, in the case that the product is not available in our collection anymore.