Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions concern the Woobs Design web store and web page woobs.fi. By browsing this page or ordering the products you agree to the conditions below. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully as they contain important information. If you have questions concerning the products, our Terms and Conditions or our web page, please contact our customer service.

The web page is owned and managed by Koneet Seisoo Oy, business identity code 2647573-3, Ilpoistentie 16a, 20740 Turku (hereinafter called “Woobs”).

Woobs reserves the right to update, change and remove Terms and Conditions from the web page without a separate notification. The Terms and Conditions applied to an order are those that were in force at the time the order was completed. These Terms and Conditions have been formulated according to the Finnish law and they are updated whenever applicable in accordance to the Finnish legislation.

In addition to these terms, our web store applies other Terms and Conditions found on our web page. Please consult the Terms and Conditions found on the pages: Gift cardsShippingReturnsWarranty and Support.

The web page contains links to other pages, which are not owned or managed by Woobs. Woobs is not responsible for the content of linked pages and is not responsible for possible damage caused by using these links


  1. Privacy Policy

Please read our Privacy PolicyOur Privacy Policy discloses how Woobs collects, uses, processes and manages customers’ personal information. The privacy practices concern Woobs’ web page and all products and services offered by Woobs.


  1. Terms of Ordering

The customer must be minimum 18 years old. The customer must disclose his/her delivery address and required additional information such as e-mail and phone number. The products in the shopping cart are not reserved for the customer before the order has been completed in the web store’s check out and the order confirmation has been sent to the customer’s e-mail.


  1. Contract and order confirmation

The order is binding when the order confirmation has been sent to the e-mail provided by the customer. The order confirmation will be sent as soon as Woobs has received the order and payment.


  1. Prices, currency and handling costs

All prices in our web store are in Euros and include the value-added tax. We reserve the rights to change the prices and discounts.


  1. Sales and discount codes

Woobs occasionally provides special offers either with or without a discount code. Discount codes are normally only available once per customer. Afterwards the code will cease to work. Special offers and discounts cannot be added to the purchase after receiving the order confirmation. Therefore, it is important for the customer to ensure the discount code is registered before the confirmation and payment.

Sales and discount campaigns are valid for the time explicitly given by Woobs.


  1. Payment methods

The products of the Woobs Design – web page (https://woobsdesign.com) can be purchased using any of the methods found on the page Payment Methods.

  1. Shipping

Woobs strives to send all products available in stock within 3-6 working days from sending the order confirmation. When the order has been sent, the customer will automatically receive a shipping confirmation. If the delivery is over 20 days late, the customer has the right to cancel the purchase. If the customer wishes to cancel the purchase, he/she is required to contact Woobs’ customer service.

 Woobs has the right to reject a customer’s order in specific cases. Woobs does not guarantee the availability of the products in the web store in all situations. If a product is, by way of exception not available, Woobs will inform the customer of this and only deliver the available products. Woobs will compensate for the paid products that were not delivered.

 Woobs is not accountable for any inconvenience caused by the exceeding of the estimated delivery time. An example of this would be longer delivery times during holidays.

 The shipping costs are determined by the delivery method. You will find the shipping costs at the web store checkout before accepting the final order.


Home delivery or delivery to a Pick-Up Point

A small-sized order (where tracking is not possible) can be delivered directly into the customer’s mailbox. If the order does not fit into the mailbox, it will be taken to the Post’s nearest Pick-Up Point and the customer will be sent an arrival notice per mail.

 A large-sized order will either be sent to the chosen Pick-Up Point or to the closest Pick-Up Point to the customer. The costs of any orders that are not picked up will be repaid to the customer, but Woobs reserves the right to charge the customer 20€ to compensate for the costs occurred.  

 We reserve the rights to deliver the customer’s order using a different delivery method than chosen by the customer, without separate notice.


 Pick up from the store

If the customer chooses to pick up their order from the Woobs Design-store, we do not charge any delivery costs. The customer will be sent an arrival notice when the order is ready to be picked up. The contact information for our stores can be found on our web page under Stores. When picking up an order at a store, the customer must have with them the order number and a valid identification card.

  The order must be retrieved from the store within 14 days of the sending of the order confirmation. The costs of an order that is not picked up will be returned to the customer, but Woobs reserves the right to charge the customer 20€ for the costs occurred.  

Additional information on the delivery options can be found on the page Shipping in our web store.


  1. Exchanges and Returns

Woobs’ return policy

Woobs offers the right to return an ordered product within 14 days. This means that the customer has the right to return the products they have ordered within 14 days of receiving the order. The products that are returned need to be unused, the labels and price tags need to be intact and the products need to be in the same condition in which they were sent. The products should be repackaged as close to the same way they were packaged when they arrived. We do not redeem any cash-on-delivery returns.

The customer is required to handle the returned items carefully and it is the customer’s responsibility to return the products in proper shape to be resold. If the product has been used or handled without caution, the customer is responsible for accounting for the decreased value of the product up to its original, full value.

If the return concerns faulty products, the Refund Policy will be implemented. You can read more about this under Returns.


Which products cannot be returned?

Woobs does not accept the following products as returns:

  1. Underwear or swim-suits of which the safety seal of the package is broken, or products that Woobs can ascertain to have been used (if the products have signs of usage on them that do not result from trying on the product.)
  2. Cosmetics or jewelry that have been removed or opened from their original packaging.
  3. Products that were produced or modified according to the customer’s wishes.


Cancelling an order

An order can be cancelled within 14 days of the receiving of the package by informing Woobs of this per email, or by sending a cancel notice on the web store’s customer page. The products will be returned in a package with the return form that arrived with the order, or with a return form printed from the Returns – page from the web store (or a form with the equivalent information).



If the customer cancels/ returns the order according to these terms, the customer will be refunded the full sum of the purchase and the delivery costs based on the least expensive delivery method. Woobs is not required to return any additional delivery costs that resulted from the customer choosing a more expensive delivery method than the least expensive method available.

Woobs will return the payment to the customer within 14 days of receiving the returned products.

When possible, Woobs will try to refund the payment using the same payment method used for the order. Woobs does not collect any fees from the customer for the returning of the payment. Woobs reserves the right to charge the customer for the costs of the returns. 


  1. Faulty Products

Woobs proofs all their products carefully before sending them to the customer.

If the customer does receive a faulty product or an incomplete order, they are required to claim compensation through Woobs’ customer service within 7 days of receiving the order.

 The customer is required to state the reason regarding the complaint. Afterwards the customer will return the product according to Woobs’ return instructions. When the faulty product is received by Woobs, the complaint will be handled and the product will either be repaired, exchanged for a new one or refunded within 14 days.

 Woobs accounts for any possible faults in the products in accordance to the Finnish legislation and follows the recommendations of the Consumer Authority. In cases of dispute, you may consult the complaint board (www.kuluttajariita.fi or phone: +35829 566 5200).

You may contact the Woobs customer service per email at info@woobs.fi


  1. Rights and Obligations


Woobs reserves the right to cancel an order if there has been a clear mistake in the prices on Woobs’ web page (for example: the price has been marked considerably lower or higher than it should be, or the price has been marked as 0€). In these cases, Woobs is required to contact the customer without delay and inform the customer of the incorrect price.

 The copying, downloading, moving or other similar actions performed on the texts and pictures found on Woobs’ web page is prohibited, without a separate, written permission from Woobs.

 Woobs is not responsible for any mistakes that might be found in the texts or pictures on the web page. Woobs aims to photograph and describe the products sold on the woobs.fi website as accurately as possible, but small differences in color between the picture and the actual product are possible and might result from the web browser or the screen’s color settings.

 Woobs is not responsible for the delayed delivery of an order if it is a result of an event that is out of Woobs’ control. These might include war, floods, fires, labor disputes, strikes, lock-outs, riots, demagogy, malicious activities, governmental measures or other similar events.

 Woobs has the right to suspend the usage of the web page woobs.fi when needed, for example during an update


  1. Changes in Terms and Conditions

In the case of changes in Terms and Conditions, Woobs will update the date below.