Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Misdeal Oy (”Woobs” ”we”) is committed to protecting the personal information of the users of our web page (“Page”) according to the Personal Data Act (523/1999), the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications (516/2004), and according to other relevant legislation.

The purpose of this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) is to provide you with information on what kind of information we collect of the users (“user”, “you”), how we use that information and how we disclose information to third parties. Our Privacy Policy also discloses our cookie practices on our Page and on the pages of third parties. By browsing this Page, you accept the use of your personal information according to the Privacy Policy.

What information do we collect and what are the standardized sources used?

We collect information from the user while they are using the Page. We can also collect information on how the user uses the Page and our services using the techniques and cookies described later.

The personal information that we collect of users during the use of our Page, contain necessary information for the processing of personal data. The type of information we collect:

  • Contact information such as name, address, shipping address (if different from the home address), phone number, e-mail address
  • Register information such as username, password or another unique identifier
  • Birthday, gender
  • Information concerning profiling and interests disclosed by the user
  • Information concerning the use of our Page and services and the customer relationship with the user, such as contact information concerning payment, card information or bank account information, customer feedback information, order information
  • Information concerning direct marketing permission or prohibition
  • Other possible information collected with the permission of the user

The Purpose of Processing Personal Data

We may process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Communication related to our Page and services, maintaining customer relationships;
  • Generating the Page and services, providing, developing, improving and protecting;
  • User-specified Page personalization and advertisement targeting
  • Page analysis and statistic compiling ;
  • Market research and electronic direct marketing according to the Personal Data Act and the ePrivacy Regulation;
  • The prevention and solving of misuse;
  • The protection of rights and/or property regarding the Page; and
  • Other similar purposes

Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are usually small text files that your Internet-browser stores onto your terminal device to recognize and re-recognize the user. The text file contains a small amount of information that your internet server can read the next time you visit the same page. Some cookies are necessary for browsing the page. Other cookies are beneficial for the user because they help using the page by remembering your username or by choosing your language settings. With cookies, we can recognize your browser and herewith use the information we receive to count the number of browsers visiting our page, and to analyze the usage of our page, for example, for statistical analysis. Our aim is to use the cookies in order to improve our service and make it even more customer friendly.

Cookies used on our Page

The cookies collect the following types of information:

  • The user’s IP-address;
  • Time of day;
  • Visited pages and the time spent on them;
  • Browser type, terminal device’s operating system;
  • From which web page the user has moved to our Page, and which web page the user moves to after visiting our Page; and
  • With which server and under what domain name the user has come to our Page

The Page might include cookies from third parties such as measuring services or monitoring services. The third parties might store cookies onto your terminal device while you visit our page.

Cookies on third parties’ pages

In addition to cookies used on our page, cookies are used on third parties’ pages to target our marketing. We cooperate with companies specialized in online advertising. With the information collected by cookies and other technologies provided by these partners, our advertisements can be targeted towards those web users that, based on previous online behavior and other factors, are likely to be the most interested in our advertisements. Thus, we can use behavioral information received from pages outside of ours to target our advertisements.

Additionally, our partners and we can collect information on how effective the advertisements that we use are. For this purpose, we might collect such information as follows:

  • Information on how many times an advertisement has been shown in a browser
  • Information on whether the advertisement was clicked
  • Information on whether clicking the advertisement lead to buying the product in the online store.

Blocking cookies and targeted advertising

You can choose to manage to what extent you allow cookies and targeted advertising.

If you wish, you can block cookies by changing your browser settings. Notice that the blocking of cookies might lead to the unavailability of some functions of the page. If you don’t wish the advertising to be targeted towards your interests, you can block targeted advertisements through the link below. After blocking targeted advertising, you will see as many advertisements as before, but they will not be selected according to your interests.

You can block targeted advertising here:

Regular disclosure of information

We can disclose your personal data for justified reasons corresponding to the existing personal data protection laws. The information you give through the Page can be disclosed to the following parties:

  • The service providers participating in the execution of our page and services, such as payment services
  • Partners for marketing purposes, unless denied by the user
  • Authority officials in the case that the law or our interests or the interests of third parties require it.
  • Subsidiaries or associates or other companies belonging to the same business or economic consortium, or the new owner of the Page or co-owner or practitioner and their advisors in the context of acquisitions or conversions.

Information collected based on automatic information processing can be disclosed to members of the following parties

  • Service providers, such as companies specialized in information analysis and online advertising.
  • Authority officials in the case that the law or our interests or the interests of third parties require it.
  • Subsidiaries or associates or other companies belonging to the same business or economic consortium, or the new owner of the Page or co-owner or practitioner and their advisors in the context of acquisitions or conversions.
  • In addition, information can be disclosed to third parties in a form where individual users cannot be recognized, in which case it is no longer a case of sharing personal data.

Information transmission outside of the EU and ETA

For reasons related to technical execution, some of the Page’s information may be physically situated in browsers outside of the European Union. The transmission of information rests on the user’s consent.

Links to third parties’ pages

Our Page may contain links to pages maintained by third parties. We are not accountable for the content or privacy policy practices of these pages. We recommend that you acquaint yourself carefully with the privacy terms and conditions of each page.

Principles for Information Privacy

We use enough technical and organizational data security measures for the protection of personal information from unauthorized parties and the intentional or unintentional destruction, changing, disclosing, or moving of data, or other illegal practices.

Intellectual property rights and user rights

These www-pages are protected by intellectual property right laws such as the Copyright Act and international intellectual property agreements. The copyright of the pages, their format and the contents of the pages and other intellectual property rights belong to Misdeal Oy or other information providers.

Even partial publishing, moving, copying, re-creating, storage, usage or other exploiting of the pages without the previously given written consent from Woobs is prohibited.

The customer, however, has permission to save individual pages onto his/her computer, or to print them for personal, private use. When copying the pages or the information on them, the source must always be cited, and when used electronically, a link to the cited page must be provided.

User created content

The user assures that he/she has the copy- and other rights to the content and material that he/she creates or publishes in the Service (“user content”) and assures that the user content does not violate the relevant legislation and is not inappropriate in any other way. Woobs is not responsible for user content.

Woobs does not guarantee the publishing of user content in the Service. Woobs reserves the right to, at their discretion, remove any user content from the Service without a separate notice. This includes any content that violates or can be presumed to violate these terms, copyrights, legislation or that is otherwise offensive or inappropriate.

The user’s content, comments, statements and remarks are the user’s own, personal opinions. Woobs is not responsible for their accuracy or validity. If the user breaks these terms and conditions, Woobs reserves the right to prohibit the user from using the Service.

By creating or downloading user content, the user gives Woobs a permanent, transferable, non-exclusive, global right to change, copy, disclose, make available to the public and publish user content and add user content to the Service without separate consent or compensation.

Technical Support

Woobs does not offer Users separate technical – or other support.

Your rights and possibility to exert influence

You have the right to review the information found in our register concerning yourself, the right to demand the rectifying of inaccurate data, the right to deny the usage of your personal data for targeted advertising and otherwise to resort to your rights stated in the Personal Data Act. At your request, we will rectify, remove or add to personal data that is inaccurate, unnecessary, inadequate or outdated regarding the processing of the information. You may use the abovementioned rights by contacting customer service at When using the reviewing rights, we may collect a small fee for the disclosure of information if it has been less than a year since the user last was offered the chance to review the information.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy without a separate disclosure on our Page. We recommend that you acquaint yourself with the Privacy Policy regularly.

Woob’s Liability

Woobs is not liable for the safety of the connections of the Service or the user to the Service or within the Service.

Woobs does not guarantee the general intended purpose of the Service’s information or the applicability to specific purposes, copyrights or that the Service will not offend third parties.

Woobs is not liable for the timeliness, accuracy, availability or interruptions in availability, faults (including viruses) in the Service or its content. Woobs is also not liable for any damage brought upon users’ computer programs, hardware or other property, not even due to carelessness nor in a situation where Woobs has been informed of the possibility of such a situation. The user may inform Woobs of such a flaw or problematic situation at

Woobs may change, update, cancel or remove the Service, web page content or parts of them at their discretion without a separate notice.


The data controller of the personal data we collect is Misdeal Oy. You can send any inquiries concerning this Privacy Policy to

Last updated 2016-08-01