Lens Info

What lenses we use?

Our sunglasses’ lenses are made of polarized TAC material.

If you wish to have prescription sunglasses, We offer you the best possible lenses available in the market. Our lenses manufacturer is LTL. The lenses are manufactured in Italy and we edge them in Turku, Finland.

What are the lenses?

The lens material used for prescription glasses is C39 material. Because we want to offer you the best of the best, our lenses come with hardcoating, anti-smudge and anti-reflective coating.


Our lens options

Our single vision lenses:

1.5 = lens without thinning

1.6 = 1x thinned lenses

1.67 = 2x thinned lenses

1.74 = 3x thinned lenses


You can get your prescription lenses with  a Bluestop coating. Bluestop filters harmful blue light and prevents eye fatigue. Our eyes are exposed to blue light whenever using a mobile device or watching television.

Progressive lenses

With progressive lenses you can see every distance, since they are designed for both distance and near vision.

We got you!

Our lenses have a satisfaction guarantee; if you are not pleased with the funcionality of the product, we’ll make you a new pair of lenses.


Prescription sunglasses

We also offer you prescription sunglasses. We have several lens options. They are possible to have polarized.

The basic lens color options are grey, brown and G15.

Mirrored lens options:

Colored matte lens options:



Prescription lenses for sunglasses

Regular lenses (not thinned) 180€
1x thinned lenses 220€
2x thinned lenses 270€
Mirrored lenses (includes 1x thinning) 240€
Polarized lenses (includes 1x thinning) 320€


Prescription lenses

Regular lenses (not thinned) 190€
1x thinned lenses 240€
2x thinned lenses 290€
3x thinned lenses 340€
Bluestop coating



Progressive lenses

Regular progressive lenses +/- 0-2 450€
1x thinned lenses +/-  2-3 550€
2x thinned lenses +/-  3-5 650€
3x thinned lenses +/-  5-8 750€


We are more than happy to help you out with any concerns you may have regarding our prescription glasses (for example choosing the right lenses, whatever your concern may be!)