Gift Cards

Are you looking for the perfect gift, but can’t make up your mind? Our gift card is an excellent option, in that case!

Once you purchase a gift card, you will receive a code via e-mail that will be worth the purchased value. The code can be either given or used as it appears, or it can be written on a separate greeting card – as you wish! If you’d like to receive a cardboard base (designed by us) for a greeting card of your choice, we can send it as a letter to you to your address.

We offer gift cards valued 10 €, 50 € and 100 €. If you wish to purchase a gift card of a different value, please contact our customer service via e-mail or by sending a message through our website.

Before purchasing a gift card, please have in mind the following:

  • Our gift cards are valid 12 months once purchased
  • Our gift cards work as a once-only discount either on our website or in our Woobs Concept Stores. We do not refund unused gift cards nor do we provide a new gift card in such case.
  • Our gift cards cannot be exchanged for money.
  • Our gift cards don’t have a right for exchange or return
  • Our gift cards aren’t valid in events (e.g. at festivals) or in pop-up stores.
  • The code is of monetary value, and the customer is always responsible for it once receiving it. (So keep it safe!)