What is Woobs?

Woobs is a Finnish design brand, that was founded in 2014. Woobs- crew consists of young and enthusiastic team, whose mission is to create personal, influential and innovative products. 

Where are the products made?

We have production both in Finland and abroad. We make all bowties, jewelry and other accessories in Turku area and these products have been granted with made in Finland symbol. Watches and sunglasses are manufactured according to our design in the factory that meets our premium standards in China. The Design from Finland mark has been granted for our all watches as a symbol of Finnish design.

What type of wood is used to manufacture the products? Where is the wood coming from?

We use only FCS-certified wood. We use wide range of different wood species, such as oak, cherry wood, curly birch and ebony. Some of the wood comes from Finland and some from abroad.



What movement mechanism do the watch use?

Watches are equipped with high quality and commonly used Swiss Ronda movements Ronda (Clove, Dove) or Japanese Miyota Citizen Quartz movements (Cloud). These both are battery movements. We provide 2 year warranty for both movements.

Can watches withstand water?

All watches are splash proof (3ATM), so you don't need to worry about washing your hands or standing in the rain. However, you should avoid longer touch with water.

What if I break the watch band? Are spare part available for the watch band? 

No worry, we will be happy to repair the watch! We have spare parts for all models and we will ship more parts for free if you need more. If you need any additional parts, or any other help, please contact us at info@woobs.fi. We also provide Woobs Care -insurance with additional price. Learn more about Woobs Care. 

If I choose to have engraving, where it will be located?

Engraving will be placed in back of the watch dial. If you have wish on the font of the engraving, write it on the message field.

How is the band of the watch adjusted?

Watch has a band that can be adjusted to suit your needs by adding or removing the wooden links of the watch band. We recommend to adjust the band at the nearest watch shop. However, if you wish to adjust it by yourself, email us at info@woobs.fi and we will provide you instructions. 



What lens is used in sunglasses?

Almost all of our sunglasses have polarized and UV400 protected lenses. These qualities provide 100% protection against UV-A and UV-B radiation. The only model without polarization is Slow-collection. Lenses can also be adjusted to suit your needs as we have own lens production.

Are lens with optics available?

Yes! If you would to have sunglasses with optical values, email us at info@woobs.fi or drop by in one of our Concept Stores.



How soon can I get my order?

Shipping time is depended on the product and shipping method. All products that can be shipped straight from the ware house will be shipped normally within 3 working days, but can be affected by busy selling seasons. If you are in a extreme hurry with the shipping, please mention it in the order. If the product will be customized (engraving etc.) or we don't have the product in the warehouse shipping time may be up to 7 days. Standard delivery time within Europe is typically  3-6 business days and 6-12 business days for orders outside Europe. 

If I choose collection from the Woobs Concept store, when I can collect the product?

We will email you as soon as the order is finished.



How can I return the product?

All our products have a 30 day return and exchange policy. Please contact us info@woobs.fi if you like to return or change your product. Return is paid by the customer.



What kind of warranty do you provide?

All products are provided with 12 month warranty from the date of delivery, which covers defects due to the manufacturing. 

If Woobs product is defected due to your own action, if it is possible, we are happy to fix the product according to our repair pricing.

You can also buy extra-warranty for the products (Woobs Care). Learn more.