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What the Woobs?

Woobs was born in 2014 in Turku when the founders of the company, Samuli and Tuomas, were looking for new innovative ideas for their dressing. They came up with the idea of wooden accessories, and got extreme excited about the idea of cool and unique yet ecologic products. They were full of ideas from the very fist point and were eager to share the innovative ideas with you guys. The pick of wood as a material was natural as Samuli has been working with wood and craftsmanship through his whole life.

The first Woobs- product launched was wooden sunglasses, but the selection of products was rapidly expanded to other products, such as bowties and watches. The basis of our design is scandinavian, simple style with a little twinkle and bold combining of different materials. We love the shades of real wood and therefore use natural wood in all products. So no paint is seen in our wooden products!

From the day one, it has been extremely important that we listen to our customers and try to improve or collection according your wishes and ideas. We get kicks from good feedback and happy customers, and therefore invest in good customer service and dynamic production. For example, we always try to execute all customized products.

Today, Woobs has grown to slightly bigger company with two concept store in Helsinki. However, we are still small company by heart and want to give warm and personal shopping experience for each customer. We take things seriously, but we still got the fun in everything we do! We are grateful for customers everyday for making us able to do thing we love the most, working at Woobs!

Welcome to the family!

"Woobs is a lifestyle"

COO, Samuli Eeva

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