Eyeglass lenses without prescription

100,00 €

The price includes both lenses!

When you want to have eyeglasses without prescription lenses, you can still choose the best lenses available. Our lenses have always three coatings: anti-reflection, anti-smudge and scratch-resistant coating. If you do computer work or spend a lot of time on your phone, we recommend the Blue Stop -coating for you. Blue Stop blocks blue light coming from screens that would otherwise stress your eyes and hinder your sleep.

Quality lenses protect your eyes and they come with great optics!

Our manufacturer for lenses is Italian LTL. We order lenses from Italy and they are further cut and polished in Turku to fit the frame of your choice. Read more about lenses here.

When you order eyeglasses without prescription lenses, add both the frame and the lenses to the basket. We will make your eyeglasses directly with the lenses you chose and we won’t send you the original lenses.