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Woobs Design

Woobs is a modern Scandinavian brand, that combines a classic touch with  a unique twist. Our collection includes wooden accessories, such as  sunglasses, bowties and watches. The simple, yet stylish Scandinavian design and ecological material choices build the strong basis for our  company. Also, our top priority has always been excellent customer service.

In addition to our web store, our products are available at two Woobs Concept Stores, which are located in Turku and Raisio.

Find your perfect match.

We want that our customers will find their perfect products. Don't hesitate to order the products for fitting - you can always send them back if they don't fit you.

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Why choose Woobs?

Modern, but classy

We always combine a classic, timeless touch to our individual design. This is why our products will look just as stylish in 10 years as they do now. Why reinvent the wheel?

Invincible customer service

Most importantly, happy customers make us happy too. We are responsible for all of our products. We promise you, that it is no coincidence, that we receive positive feedback from our customers – daily.

Products that we ourselves wish to use

Naturally, we love to use the products we design. It is not in our interest to offer such products, that wouldn’t work for us. Our collection is developed based on both our clients’ and our preferences.

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